Enjoy THIS Life

Passed this while walking down the street the other day.

(Taken with a Moto Z Play – Approx 2000 x 1000)



Hallway of Thrones

Hallway of Thrones

“One does not simply…put broken toilets in the middle of an apartment complex.”


Maybe not in Westeros, but here in Los Angeles they do. And no, Ned Stark is not my neighbor (although if he were, things would be a lot quieter around here). This is just my drab hallway during the changing of the toilets. I thought it might make for a unique shot.

“Great or small, we must all do our duty” — Stannis Baratheon (from Game of Thrones on HBO)


The Man In Black

The Man In Black

He was on his cell and I could just about make out what he was saying: “Yeah man, the deal will go down tonight at midnight. Be there with the money, or else…you know what I mean–and don’t even think about calling the cops. Okay. Gotta go. There’s a slime ball photographer who thinks I don’t know he’s taking my picture and I gotta go deal with him…..later.”