Portrait of a Boy In a Yogurt Shop

Portrait of a Boy In a Yogurt Shop

Adolescence: school, friends, hormones, relationships, awkwardness and … frozen yogurt.

One of the most covert shots I ever took. Had to hide the camera behind a yogurt cup with only the lens sticking out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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15 thoughts on “Portrait of a Boy In a Yogurt Shop

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent technique. One of your best. And the entire website looks much improved and highly professional, Cuz.

  2. Well Michael I do like the new format for your blog, very stylish indeed. This subject looks like he could be up to anything. What’s he looking at between his thumb and forefinger? Why is it more important than who or what is on his phone? Flipping the picture has given it a better look though. A great look indeed Michael.

        • Well if you are interested in it I have two suggestions. One is to approach your subject and just tell them that you have a blog and that you would be honored if they would allow you to photograph them. Appeal to their emotions, e.g., “you have a quality that I really think my audience will enjoy”, etc. The second thing you can do is just find your subject and just shoot them, as if you are shooting any other object. In the case here, the subject was too close and I had to be covert about it so as not to chase him away. I did not feel comfortable approaching him, so I just took the shot. Perfectly legal if I am not selling the photo.

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