Mandala Revisited

Mandala Revisited

A re-working of a photo I took over a year ago.

This one was taken with my Samsung Galaxy Tb 2 7.0 tablet cam at 1600 x 1200. I was surprised with the clarity of this tablet camera. One does look like an idiot taking a photo with a tablet though, but who cares, right?


13 thoughts on “Mandala Revisited

    • Well the photos look very clear on the tablet itself. I never know from my own computer how they render on other computers, unless I am at someone’s house and show them my blog. But thanks. Since then I moved the settings to the next resolution up and will see if it makes a difference. I will take it one resolution up each time to see what the quality difference is.

      • That’s the hard part with posting pictures you just can’t account for all the different resolution settings. I guess you can take better selfies with a tablet though. šŸ™‚

        • Right, as long as you get the tablet out of the way. Personally, if I choose to take a photo with the tablet outdoors, I don’t care how silly I look to others. I just want a good picture. I am just curious. Do you have a tablet?

          • You’re right Michael, it doesn’t matter what you use as long as you get the picture. I have a PC, notebook and a laptop, oh and the android phone. One day with the tablet, it will be great for writing though and of course the quick pic šŸ™‚

          • Ok so you ARE a tech person so to speak. I think you would love writing on a tablet. I recommend one of the Samsung Galaxy Tabs, either the 7.0 or 8, latest versions of course.

          • So true. I find the tablet a great alternative to the PC for web browsing and reading when you want to use a simpler device. I would put it in the ‘almost need’ category.

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