From the depths of the big city lie untold mysteries, illusion and an underground lair of sin, filth and horror. What one sees with one’s eyes are but a reflection of the reality of what one cannot see. — Anonymous

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26 thoughts on “U R B A N I A

  1. Don’t despair Michael. It is an abstract piece but that is what art is all about, you have to look deeper into the piece and see where the photographer/artist is coming from. You’re obviously looking at decay, the past unearthed in all its dusty, gritty glory. Nice pic.

    • Thanks so much. It is a new process I’m working with. Frankly, I am a little disappointed with the amount of ‘likes’ for it. But I understand that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Perhaps a bit too abstract for some. But I appreciate your comment!

      • don’t worry about the likes (i know it’s not so easy because they are highly addictive). i think some fluctuation in ‘likes’ comes from malfunctions in wordpress. i often see posts which i definitely ‘liked’ some time earlier and the like has disappeared again or more ‘likely’ it has never reached the site in the first place…

        • Thanks so much for this useful information. But I really think I am becoming spoiled. For the most part I shoot what I want and just hope for the best. Sometimes what we think people will like will get a lukewarm reception and vice versa. Take care.

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