Diner Revisited

Diner Revisited

I hear the service is spectacular here…and they have great French toast

6MP cropped — Edited With Photoscape


24 thoughts on “Diner Revisited

  1. For some reason i am thinking Pulp Fiction (what a great film), just as a tip, i often desaturate in photoscape after using sepia.. Give it a go, you might like it too..

        • Great question. Yes. I give the French toast AND the pancakes at a nearby restaurant a 9. The place has been there for decades and has won national awards for their pancakes. I just had them the other night. There is nothing like them. I have only given 2 foods a 10 in my entire life, only because in my mind, I cannot imagine any other food like it to be better. The first is a raspberry cheesecake with chopped macadamia nuts sprinkled on it from a high-end chain here in the US called The Cheesecake Factory. The other is sweet potoato french fries from a very popular high-end burger restaurant called Umami Burger. I give their Truffle burger at $12 USD a 9 as well. Just about the best burger I ever had.

          Have you ever given a food a 10?

          • That’s a couple of impressive foods there Michael. You can’t go wrong with cheesecake and macadamia nuts. Sweet potato chips are almost as good as chips made from a fine King Edward potato. I’ve never had a truffle burger. Beer battered fish and chips from a café at Bondi Beach one time hovered right on 10. I had a steak and veg at a country pub, the steak was bigger than the plate and it was definitely a 10. Dessert, a friend of ours makes cakes and desserts as a sideline. She made a bomb Alaska cheesecake with cherries in it that was pre-orgasmic. A definite 10 there. One of the best meals was in Vietnam, we’d been out bush for a week on ration packs. When we returned to our fire support base our cooks sent out a hot-box meal by chopper for us. Steak, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, fresh bread rolls and ice cream for dessert. Man, it tasted bloody marvellous. Yes, a 10.

          • Wow–I really feel like I just ate all of those foods vicariously. I think you have had more 10s than I have. Very well described. Oh and thanks for introducing me to a new word: pre-orgasmic. Good one…..

          • I’ve had more 10’s because I’m older. 🙂 Food and I have a love-hate relationship, I love it but it hates my body. I’m glad you like my new word. Use it with zest and gusto. 🙂

          • Lol again–you are on a roll here. Well, I can relate. As we get older, we must at least try and listen to my bodies. For me, overeating is synonymous with hell. My body def doesn’t like it. I learned this the hard way after numerous trips to Vegas in my 20s and 30s when I went to buffets and ate as much as I could to justify the price. Since then I have learned portion control 🙂

          • Too right Michael. I go to buffets and only make one trip, and that includes dessert. My plate may have a little more than normal but I don’t keep returning. Food is so comforting and satisfying and of course I’m a breast fed boy. 🙂

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