Blue Plate Special

Blue Plate Special

Food is our common ground, a universal experience.
James Beard


12 thoughts on “Blue Plate Special

    • Thanks. This restaurant has the best pancakes I have ever had and won a national award for them. I am a foodie and MUST go there when my brain starts craving them. If you ever come to L.A., I will take you there…if you like pancakes :-

          • Definitely…they are best eaten at the restaurant, although I do take them to go once and awhile. They also have the best French Toast I have ever had. I give both a 9/10, which in my book, is very rare. I was fortunate over the years to try some of the best cuisine and foods, so I am much more critical than the average bloke, to use an English word lol. My intuition tells me that you are probably in the same boat as far as food is concerned, considering your travels, experiences, etc.

          • Indeed Michael I’ve been known to test local delicacies, Had a stop over in Japan and tried the cuisine, I’ve eaten Grits at Dallas airport, Dog with a side order of seaweed in Vietnam. So I’m not afraid to try something new, I draw the line though at brains, lungs, chicken feet, tripe and anything that bites back when I’m eating it. Ah yes, Bloke is quite the acceptable term here. French toast indeed, yum. In England we used to have bread boiled in milk with currants thrown in for supper, now that was nice. It ‘s good to get out and try something different once in a while, expand the repertoire of your taste buds. Whether it’s a meat pie and mushy peas or a blue plate special, one needs to explore.

          • Chocolate covered insects, hmmm, no chewing just swallow them down. I have yet to try a Witchetty Grub, they’re a moth larvae that live in trees, the Aboriginals love them. One day…….

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