Lost – A Photo Story

Lost - A Photo Story

James and Madison were typical high school sweethearts. They met in their senior year, in AP calculus class to be exact. Study sessions in the school library led to more intimate sessions at James’ house. Before they knew it, they were “going” together.

Yet, as the school year was coming to a close and finals were looming, Madison became more stressed. Going to an Ivy League college was her ultimate dream and she was beginning to think that spending all that time with James was compromising her studies. He, on the other hand, was a straight A student and could ace a test with both eyes closed.

Tension between them started to mount, arguments ensued, and one day, in the park where they often walked and talked, Madison left him.

Devastated, James reached into his wallet and took out the only picture he had of Madison. It had become a little worn and torn, but it was the perfect reminder of his true love. He pleaded with her not to leave, but she did. And in a flash of rage, he through the picture to the ground and walked off, devastated.

That night, Madison showed up on James’ doorstep. She apologized for ending the relationship earlier and said that she was just freaking out from the stress of finals and the frustrations of not hearing back from any colleges. James immediately softened and accepted her apology. The front door closed and James’ bedroom light came on seconds later. They were back.

The next day after school, James returned to the park, alone, where he carelessly threw Madison’s picture to the ground the day before. After an hour of frantic searching, he gave up, exhausted and despondent. “The main thing is that I have her back,” he told himself. He could take a hundred more pictures of her if he wanted.

Rumor has it that a fledgling photographer saw the photo, was intrigued, and picked it up. He then put it in his wallet and it was never looked at again.


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