Paranormal Restroom

Paranormal Restroom

There is a theory that states the brain likes to find faces in things, whether it be photos, patterns in nature, etc. In fact, many skeptics try to debunk alleged paranormal photos and ghost pics citing this theory.

If you zoom-in on this photo you may notice a face-like figure on the lower left and elsewhere.

Taken with my Droid Razr M Camera — 8 MP — widescreen mode

Edited with Photoscape


22 thoughts on “Paranormal Restroom

    • Thanks. Yes, I agree that the subject matter is a bit odd. But, I just kept being drawn back to take more photos of them. I do believe this is it though :-

      Thanks for your support throughout this series!

  1. Another dark, end of world picture in your series Michael, It has that dystopian feel about it, a nobody is here touch. Although taking pictures in rest rooms you wouldn’t want anyone else to be there would you?

    • Great comment, thanks! Trust me, this is the last of the series. And since you asked…..there was one young man in one of the restrooms once, when I was taking the pics. He was fascinated and wanted to know what I was doing. So I asked him to take a pic of me between two urinals and he did. Ok, you asked :-

      • When I went to Gunnedah I took some pictures of the poetry on the toilet doors (real poetry not the toilet type) and a young boy came in and wanted me to take a picture of him. I hot footed it out of there. One could write a whole blog on male rest room etiquette.

          • Well forgive me if I already told you this, but very quickly, I did meet what looked like an under 18 — that’s what the British say lol — while I was taking one of the photos. He was curious as to what I was doing and I told him. He seemed intrigued. I then asked HIM to take a photo of me by one of the funky urinals and he did. Then we both left.

            To answer your question, I would be short and firm and say something to the effect that “I am a professional photographer and what you are asking is inappropriate” and just walk out, picture taken or not. Herein the states, as I’m sure it is everywhere, minors will always win in court when it comes to a confrontation with an adult. So I def would not engage.

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