Creepy Park Restroom 2

Creepy Park Restroom 2

Something just fascinated me and creeped me out about these old, gloomy restrooms–in the middle of a bustling park, with kids playing and new construction about a thousand feet away, stands this piece of gloom. This will be the last photo of the series.


11 thoughts on “Creepy Park Restroom 2

  1. I’ve seen similar bathrooms in otherwise cheerful, safe-looking places. I really don’t know why they must look so prison-like. I suppose the ease of cleaning with power hoses must be the reason. Besides, they usually are not climate-controlled so mold and mildew would grow easily on every surface. I can’t imagine allowing a child to go alone into one. I like this image with the interesting metal grate covering the image.

    • Thanks so much for this comment. For some reason, I am really attracted to this bizarre, old part of this park, a couple hundred yards away is a brand new recreation complex. Now I’m thinking the reason I keep going back and taking photos of the area is perhaps because it is haunted and that’s what I am sensing. But no orbs or any other anomalies have shown up in any photos.

      By the way, the metal grating is part of the same restroom! It separates a closed part from the public one. Trust me, the restroom is twice as creepy in person. I did a lot of editing to make it look as close to reality as it was.

  2. Yes it has that look, it amazes me how there’s more security in toilets than most other places. That toilet paper must be expensive. Great pic Michael, it qualifies for creepy, institutional décor.

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