Taken with an iPod Touch 4 and enhanced with Photoscape: f/2.4 – 1/20 sec – ISO 250


14 thoughts on “S I Z Z L E

  1. Hmm, why am I hungry all of a sudden? At first I thought maybe it was the end result of buying pork belly shares, or perhaps pork barrelling style politics. Now I see that you are showing us how something so simple (and tasty) can look so good in a photo.

    • wow–it is amazing how every comment you make about my photos — or rather the analysis of them — has not occurred to me. Should I higher you as my official photo analyzer?

      By the way, something just clicked recently and I am slowly — yes, slowly — trying my hand at poetry. When I am ready, whenever that is, would you mind if I emailed you some via your personal email? It would be great to get your take on them. Please let me know. Thanks!

      • That’s me, secret photo analyst. It’s like a few people looking at a painting or witnessing an accident. They all see something completely different, hire me, I’ll get my people to talk to your people and we’ll do lunch. I’m delighted that you thought of me to critique your poetry. I’ll gladly read it, you can get me on
        I look forward to it Michael.

        • I love the term ‘secret photo analyst.’ Sounds like a high profile job lol. I quite agree with your words here. For some quirky reason, the other day I just got inspired to try out some poetry lines. I don’t know when I will be ready to share, but you will be the first to take a look at them. And they def will not have the depth and power of your poems. Trust me on that one 🙂

          • It’s official, I’m now a SPA, secret photos analysed while you wait. Inspired to write is good, that way you know they’re coming from somewhere deep. When you’re ready I’ll be here. Depth and power, you might just amaze yourself on that one. 🙂

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