School Room Window

School Room Window

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
Albert Einstein

I am definitely glad I am on the outside of this window

1/125 sec – ISO 400


6 thoughts on “School Room Window

    • I think you are one of the few who “get” my photos. Frankly, I framed it so that you wouldn’t want to be inside–just like how most students feel about school. I am usually trying to make a statement in these photos, although it doesn’t always work lol. I am glad there are bloggers here who get them. I am not into normal, cliched photos :-

      • You succeeded in keeping me away from that school, great effects, it reminded me of peering into a house of horrors. It had THAT feel. You’re certainly getting the feel across to me with your statements. I’m still practicing with mine, I want to get the clich├ęd down pat then bring in the odd and weird at times. Keep them coming.

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