Cracked Skateboard: A Photo Story

Cracked Skateboard: A Photo Story

Jack looked down at the cracked, semi-weathered half-skateboard as he and his friend Jared stopped their quick stride to the skate park.

“I can’t believe a piece of it is still here”, Jack said in a semi-excited tone. “You would think it would be gone by now. I wonder who took the other half.”

Staring down at the tattered board, Jared responded, “It’s a piece of history bro. You should keep it as a souvenir or something.”

“I’ve got more than that now”, Jack said, in both a proud, yet humble way.

The boys continued to walk to the crowded skate park beyond. Jack invited his friend for a short skating session to show off some of his latest moves.
Exactly one week earlier Jack was in a local skating competition held as a grand opening for the new skate park. It was his first real challenge after spending years of practice riding street and breaking more than just a casual bone or two. He was apprehensive and unsure of registering for the event but felt the time had come to leave his comfort zone and try and prove his moves in a professional setting.

As it turned out he took second place and received a brand new personalized skateboard from one of the top pro skaters judging the event. This recent win confirmed that he was good enough to go pro.

Before he got back into his mother’s car that day Jack took his old skateboard, lifted it over his knee and thrashed the sucker down so hard that it split the board in half with a thud. Jack left it there, now just two pieces of meaningless wood.

That violent “smash” symbolized a major turning point for Jack: hobby turned into a competitively stressful, yet adrenaline-filled career as a pro skateboarder.
After the skating session with Jared, the boys again passed the broken piece of board. As they approached it, Jack plucked his new brightly colored trophy board securely on the ground and he and Jared began their long skating journey back home.


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