Towering Edifice

Towering Edifice

Taken from my car while stopped

4320 x 2432
Photoscape Software


9 thoughts on “Towering Edifice

      • Looking forward to it. I’m doing fine thanks mate, I’ve been posting every week. Photo blog on the weekend, poetry on Wednesday and my army blog on Tuesdays. The photos will come as the Writer’s Room. Hope you haven’t missed out.

        • As you know, WP is a stream. I try to catch everyone, but I do miss some. I also go to blogs that I may not have visited for awhile to check them out. I went to yours a few days ago but saw nothing new. I will check again.

          How do you keep up with all your followers? Any tips or tricks?

          • Hi Michael, it can get busy with following people, worth it though. In the wordpress dashboard, under Blogs I follow, you can set how you receive comments and emails when the people you follow make a post. With yours I’ve set it for a weekly post, that way you pop up in my email on Tuesday and I take a look and also check previous and recent posts. Some are daily, it depends on how often they post. If you drop by my blog you’ll hit the home page, if you’re looking for anything new in the photos area go to the drop down menu on the side and you’ll see Photos from the writer’s room. They go up on Fridays, Oz time.

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