Alien Inedibles

Alien Inedibles

Apparently this jar of mystery food gone toxic was hiding in the back of a freezer for over 5 years. I saw it and asked if I could take a shot of it, praying I wouldn’t drop it and contaminate the whole garage.


17 thoughts on “Alien Inedibles

  1. Hey Thanks for stopping by my page and liking my content.I really appreciate you taking your time out of your day to contribute.It’s always nice to see someone appreciate your blog. The post about me and my brother has been doing great and lots of people seem to be liking it thanks for being apart of that my family means a lot to me.Again thank you

    • What a nice response. Yes, despite me missing some posts because WP is basically one long stream, I might not get to all of the posts on blogs that I follow. But when I specifically go to one of them, I will only LIKE the posts that have meaning for me or that I think are exceptional in some way. I automatically connected to that sense of family you were trying to create. Nice job, and I will be back!

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