Boy With Phone: A Photo Story

Boy With Phone:  A Photo Story

15 minutes earlier, Jason was sitting in the family SUV with his sister, Haley. She asked him politely if she could use his cell phone to call a friend. He said no, in a spiteful tone, and that she should have brought her own. She got mad and called him a spoiled brat. In retaliation, Jason punched her violently in the arm.

Haley stormed out of the car. Several minutes later, she comes back with Dad, a man of average stature, but well composed and stern. He asks Jason if it was true that he punched Haley. Jason said it was but ranted and bitched that she started it and called him names, etc.

“You never hit your sister”, Dad exclaimed, firmly, but in control. “Now, you get to walk home.”

Now, standing in the 80 degree heat of the skate park, where the laughter and banter of nearby skaters fill the air, Jason calls his mom, hoping that she will come and get him. But all he gets is her voice mail.